About Us

What is Fit Girl Brands?

We are a women’s owned shop that proudly produces fitness tanks, tees, totes and so much more. Our products are fun, empowering and relevant with a splash of sass. We at FGB believe whimsy should be a part your everyday!

How it all started: 

We’ve all been there, Monday morning workout class ~ ugh! Or woo hoo….fill in the blank to match your mood.

After downing several cups of Joe, my hair in a pony and dressed in an almost matching outfit it’s off to the “sweat palace”…ie, gym.

Upon arriving I’m greeted with the sounds of high-energy music and a super spunky instructor who lets me know it time to get my groove thing on.

Working my way through deadlifts, jump squats and killer burpees I noticed something about Ms. Spunky, she can’t count! “One more set…8,7,6,6,5,4,4,4,3,2,2, &1.” WHAT?

During the cool down my head is spinning…

I don’t like this place, when is cheat day, if it weren’t for my peeps I would never show up here again!

And that was the very moment that sparked it all.

Me in a pile of sweat giggling, finding myself hilarious and thinking I would sooooo wear a workout tank that said: 

  • My Trainer Can’t Count
  • I don’t like this Place, this Workout or this Trainer…see ya Tomorrow
  • Hello, Cheat Day
  • Never Underestimate a Girl and her Tribe

That one class started a spiral of thoughts, ideas, passions, inspirations, late nights, sweat and tears that is now FIT GIRL BRANDS!